Thursday, March 7, 2013

Virtual Particles

Virtual particles seem to be very weird however they do exist!!!. Feynman's Quantum Hydrodynamics was really strange and he introduced new concepts through it. One of these new concepts is the virtual particles.. Do you remember the last time you ate beefburger? if your last beefburger sandwich was delicious I'm sure your beefburger shop added mayonnaise to its components. I believe most people love mayonnaise but did you notice its viscous nature? Why was mayonnaise viscous rather than being in its natural non-liquid state? Mayonnaise has alot of voids in it; what holds these voids that they don't collapse? Are these voids really empty?? Is emptiness a real phenomenon that exists in the universe??? according to Feynman there is nothing called "empty". Feynman carried out calculations in what he called Quantum Hydrodynamics and proved that when an empty space occurs nature refuses this emptiness borrowing energy from the future that appears in the form of very tiny particles that appears to fill this emptiness.. to understand this imagine you are the nature and you added money to your bank account.. this money was added to your bank account so that you can use it in the future so it's saved in the future and not in present... In some banking systems when you add money to your account they don't allow you to take money from your account before a specific date in future; which means your added money to your bank account are not in present however it's in future... therefore in future you can have it back.. If you had this money before that time, this means you borrowed the money from the future... it's almost the same for nature; nature borrows energy from the future to fill this emptiness in the form of tiny particles however these particles appear with their own antiparticles so they appear for very little time then they collide together and vanish.. this process happens spontaneously and happens again and again with a lot of particles at the same time until the empty space is filled with something rather than nothing. This phenomenon was proved by a very simple experiment.. a jar was completely emptied to have nothing but absolute vacuum. two plates were added inside the plate having the same material. the two plates were observed moving towards each other with a very little distance. this proved the existence of the virtual particles or what is called the mayonnaise particles. the two plates didn't attract due to gravity as all expected forces were excluded in the calculations and the reason for the attraction was that the virtual particles around the two plates were much more than the virtual particles between the two plates and they vibrate in a manner that can push the two plates towards each other. This proved that nothing is empty and the voids between atoms and between elementary particles are not empty but full of these virtual particles... even the mayonnaise viscous nature was explained with these virtual particles holding the voids to make it the way we love it.

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