Thursday, March 7, 2013

Time Relativity

Albert Einstein made his big foundation the special relativity by a very strange observation. Everyone knows that when you threw a body from a moving vehicle the projected body's velocity will become its initial velocity with the addition to the vehicle's velocity. What Einstein observed is that light speed is always constant even if you projected it from a moving vehicle. This made Einstein think of the crazyiest idea that time is not constant bit it's variable so the light have the same speed. Einstein said that as the velocity increases the time decreases relatively to the observer. So when you approach the speed of light you travel to the future and when you reach the speed of light you travel to the past relatively. Infact the one who travels in the speed approaching the speed of light can not feel that time have decreased because his heart beats and his brain waves and everything will also decrease. To understand this Imagine that one day your dimentions have been multiplied by ten and everything around you also increased by the same ratio, you won't feel any change in your dimentions however if your freind was observing you while changing your cloth from another place that didn't have any changes, he will feel that you became a big giant and he may have one of two descisions either he will try to kill you or.....

Twin paradox: Imagine that you have a twin of yours and you had a space travel in a very powerful spaceship that has a very high speed for 10years with your reference time and you returned back to Earth to see your family... I think you will have a great shock when you know that your parents have died and your twin brother became too old but you are still young. You will be shocked because you didn't feel that you traveled in time and you didn't feel that you lived longer than them.

This is simply time relativity.

There is also length relativity, mass relativity, mass energy relativity and general relativity we will discuss them in the next topics...

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