Thursday, March 7, 2013

Schrodinger's cat

Quantum mechanics is always weird,strange, but also fascinating. Imagining an electron revolving around a nucleus can always be linked with a planet orbiting the sun. But do electrons really orbit the nucleus that way? how do electrons look like? modern physics explain electron movement as a cloud (electron cloud) electrons revolve with a very high speed that they look like a cloud; it's like when you turn on your fan and observe it, you will see nothing but a cloud. okay how do electrons look like? electrons have no shape because they are energy.. Electrons can occupy many places at the same time. you can't expect an electron position except with probability equations.. that's why quantum probability equations were developed which is really weird.. you can't tell were an electron is; that's why Heisenberg developed his uncertainty principle.. it was noticed that when you observe an electron you can either determine its position or its speed but you can't determine both at a time.. electrons can even be at all positions at a moment but when you observe this electron you find it in a specific position as if this electron was conscious and knew that you were observing it!!!! A double slit experiment was done to observe the behavior of quantum particles; The conclusion was that if your projected a quantum particle it won't go in straight lines towards the target, it will go in all possible paths and directions; which means that when you project this quantum particle towards a target it will go in a straight line, in a curved way, it will go to the sun then returns to the target, and goes to the universe farthest quasar and returns back to that target at the same time!!!! this is really weird!!!! this made the uncertainty principle more effective... Schrodinger conducted a very strange experiment to clarify how weird is the uncertainty principle. He got a box, Cyanide, Cesium, a Geiger counter, a hammer, and a cat. he set the experiment so that if Cesium ( a radioactive material) emits radioactive particles, the Geiger counter will sense radioactivity, so it will send a signal to a device that lets the hammer to break the Cyanide bottle ( Cyanide is a poisonous gas). When the bottle is broken the cyanide evolves inside the box and the cat dies.. What is strange about this experiment is that there is a probability of either Cesium emits or does not emit particles. Quantum probability tells us that both possibilities are possible at the same time which means that the cesium will emit and not emit at the same time... therefore the cat is dead and not dead at the same time!!!! this is how modern physics behave.. this is how quantum mechanics think.. it's beyond imagination.. everything is always possible..

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