Thursday, March 7, 2013

Relativistic Mass

Special relativity also proved that mass is relative. To understand this you must know that light speed is a universal constant and it's believed to be the maximum speed that nothing can exceed. As no travelling body can exceed that speed of light its mass must increase to stop that body from having a higher speed than that of light because of inertia(Inertia is the energy stored in a body that opposes any physical change). It was proved experimentally that the mass of a particle travelling in a speed of 0.1 of the speed of light its mass increases vigurously.... 

Is there any massless particles in the universe ?? Massless particles can only exist at the speed of light. An Example of these particles is photons. Photons are the particles forming light. Light is believed to be formed of a stream of these paticles which are packets of energy.

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