Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gravity and antigravity

Feynman was the first to introduce the concept of antimatter under the science he called quantum hydrodynamics ( QHD ). Feynman was a great scientist he introduced many concepts to modern physics and astrophysics. Although scientists at his time refused his new model it was proven experimentally later on. According to Feynman any particle has its own antiparticle.. to understand this imagine you are walking in a direction and your direction can be assumed to be your charge.. if you are the same person walking in the opposite direction you will be your antiperson.. Particles like electrons have mass and charge, the antimatter particle for an electron is called a positron.. a positron have the same mass but an opposite charge of electrons. when matter collides with antimatter they vanish as if they didn't exist before.. all particles and forces in the universe have antiparticles for them even gravity!!!.. In 1915 Einstein believed the universe is static and not expanding so he added a constant called the cosmological constant to prevent the universe from expanding.. he believed this was caused due to a force called antigravity this force was a built-in force in the space-time fabric... some years later Hubble proved that the universe was expanding.. when Einstein found that the universe is expanding he canceled the universal constant and he felt that this constant was a big shame. In 1998 very distant supernovas were observed to be going far away in an accelerating rate and not in a constant rate.. this proved the existence of a repulsive force causing these supernovas to go far with this accelerating rate rather than a constant rate. This observation forced the scientists to add the cosmological constant back to our universe model which meant the antigravity force is back... according to stephen hawking if the antigravity force was little higher that its calculated magnitude our universe would have been blown up before galaxies would form...

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