Thursday, March 7, 2013

E=mc^2 the world's most famous equation

When people see the equation E=mc^2 or hear it they always think of that old smart man Albert Einstein however it was published when he was still young working clerk who was not sure if it was really true. Einstein wasn’t the first one to think of this equation but he had the chance to finalize it. Before Michel Faraday people didn’t think in terms of energy but they thought in terms of different forces like wind force, closing door force, etc… The first one to think in terms of energy was Faraday who discovered electric force and magnetism and he said that energy can change from one form to another which we call it now Law of Conservation of Energy. Another aristocratic French scientist Antoine lavoisier who was killed in the French revolution discovered that mass can neither be created nor destroyed. Emily duchatellier a French aristocrat physicist believed that mass is made of dense energy but she couldn’t prove it because she died in a very young age. Farady believed light is an electromagnetic wave but he couldn’t prove it till Maxwell the math genius was able to prove it by math but there was a condition which must happen, that light must travel at the speed of three and eight zeros beside it meters per second which is the universal constant c. Albert Einstein was that kind of man who really believed in God and he wanted to know how did God create this world and from where did we come. He didn’t think in terms of money, sex or food but wanted to know the secrets of the universe. He was able to prove special relativity and from it he was able to derive the equation E=mc^2 mathematically which really had nonsense because he couldn’t make any application for it and there was not an experiment to prove it. Was it a philosophy that mass is condensed energy or was it physics?? This question was not answered until Lisa Meitner proved it experimentally by chance. She thought that if you hit a Uranium nucleus with neutrons its mass will increase however this does not happen at all as Uranium transforms to smaller mass nucleus Barium and there was a lot of energy emitted. Then where did the lost mass go?? Lisa Meitner then thought in terms of Einstein’s equation E=mc^2. She calculated the lost mass and multiplied it by the squared of the speed of light and the result was really amazing it was the energy emitted by the uranium while transforming to barium. Lisa meitner then understood that she was able to split the uranium nucleus because when the neutron was added the nucleus it became so big that it was not stable so it split into smaller nuclei and released this big energy. With this equation Americans were able to make the first nuclear fission bomb which was used in the bombardment of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. With this equation we were able to know from where we are originated (The big bang) and how does the sun was formed and other planets even animals and plants….we will discuss this later. E=mc^2 is the equation of the past, present and the future. Albert Einstein said to his wife when he derived this equation and he was not sure of it: “I think God is laughing at me now” but it seems that God gave him the key of the whole universe.

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